Team Members of „AstroLab” Institute

Robert Marzewski
Founder and President of the Astrological Research Institute „AstroLab”.
Practices astrology since 1993. At the same time began studies at the Russian-American “INTERCOLLEGE” at the “astro-psychology” department. Since the end of the ’90 running astrological practice.
Graduate of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Warsaw. Interested in particular in philosophy of science, including history of science as well as ontology and epistemology, and broadly-understood spiritual development, religions and esotericism. Advocate of rational approach to astrology and astrological research.

Mirosław Aleksander Czylek
I’ve been practicing astrology for more or less ten years. During that time I managed to write a big number of articles, in which I happen to touch upon some topics being close to the ideas of astrological research:

I’ve decided to actively join the Research Institute as I hope for a fruitful combination of astrology in practice with astrological research, aiming at the ambition of nesting esoteric tradition in the science-related narration. I hope the experiment will succeed irrespectively of the pressure put on the results, in particular at the initial stage of it. This kind of project needs many years. In my activities I focus on constantly seeking and finding astrological philosophical stone, which means also perceiving astrology in a broader context: as an art, a kind of emotional expression and a new, innovative cognitive approach. Additionally, I’m interested in film (Bunuel, Tarantino, Bergman, Zanussi), politics and in people who seduce me with the depth of the words they speak.

Tomasz Kiedos
Practices astrology since 2005. Runs astrological website Era Astrologii (Age of Astrology) ( Professional teacher. Currently working as a programmer.

Krzysztof Bułach
Teacher and business coach. Graduated from Department of Economy of the University of Warsaw. Teaches economy related subjects, such as: accounting, marketing, and statistics. Acquired esoteric knowledge during 2,5 year studies at the School of Psychotronic Psychology. His scope of interest encompasses numerology, runes, lithotherapy, feng shui, angelology, religious studies, tarot, chiromancy, and astrology. Psychotronic and life coach using his psychological knowledge for many years, basing on both conventional and unconventional methods. Defines cores of problems and best solutions to them. Using divination techniques helps find harmony in life and a direction of further spiritual development. Member of the Polish Astrological Company.